The quiet place

It is a very quiet place, both in the morning,
when almost everyone sits down to continue
their memoirs and in the afternoon
when chapters are reimagined and polished to perfection.

Pets are NOT allowed here (as was explicitly stated
on the lease agreement) but
loved ones are excluded from the list of exclusions.

They are exceptional animals.
They understand english perfectly.
They never voice their opinions.
They are infinitely polite.

Diversity is welcomed here:
quiet dachshunds,
mildly neurotic Boston Terriers,
impecably dressed Poodles,
ambitious Beagles,
and multi-breeds not easily deciphered…

We rarely hear the dogs barking.
Except during brief, extraterritorial encounters in the lobby.

And they never bark without first being barked at.

They keep their owners on leash at all times.

And Cats?

Most probably
cats are away
hunting in Africa…